Etiquette For The Fancy Places;

Table Manners for eating at a fancy place can be quite the headache to master. But it is also one of the etiquette rules that you have to follow whether you are having the meal with family or coworkers.

Handling the pasta

Pasta is one of the slipperiest and hardest to hold food items in the world. When you are eating at a fancy eatery, chances are very slim of it being empty os that you can eat in peace. When peer pressure gets a hold of yo, then eating in tune with the bother people is a must. Also when eating at these places you have to make sure that you are using the right utensil for the right kind of dish. When it comes to pasta both the fork and the spoon are used, but it depends on the type of pasta that you are eating and the dish type. Usually shallow bowl dishes which are mainly spaghetti, are to be eaten using a fork only. You should not use the spoon to tangle the noodles around the fork. Use the fork lightly to grab onto some of the noodles and lightly twirl around the fork. When spaghetti is served on a deep bowl, such as a ravioli or risotto dish, then you are to use the spoon to finish it off.

Generally noodles are winded around to the fork to eat. But for pasta noodles that are thick like lasagna and ravioli, you have to cut it and then eat it in small pieces. Generally in any beer bar Bangkok you are provided the spoon separately for the dish as only the fork is provided for the table. When eating any thin noodles you have to wind the noodles around the fork and it should fit into your mouth without stuffing your cheeks. Use the side of the plate to balance the tine tips when you are twirling the noodles. It is considered improper to have noodles hanging from your fork (try to avoid this if possible).

Tackling muffins

Muffins and breads are relatively easy to eat. When it comes to muffins, just take the knife and cut it into half (vertical or horizontal) and then put on the jam butter or whichever topping you want. The bread should be on the plate as you are putting the topping and not held in the air. When going for English muffins, cut it in half and then put the topping on each side. Proper table manners are required for any type of situation, and you have to be prepared to eat any type of food without making a mess.

 Etiquette For The Fancy Places;