Planning Party Food For Gluten Free People

Many people are allergic to gluten based food ingredients. For others, it is a lifestyle choice that helps them to eat healthy. No matter what is the basis for such food choices, it becomes difficult to accommodate such people’s food choices with ordinary party menu and catering services. Most standard catering services or restaurant food menu has little allowances for gluten free ingredients. Here are some ways to plan a party if you wish to eat healthy and provide healthy food choices to your party guests.

Going gluten free

If you wish to go gluten free with your party food menu, it would be wise to steer clear of flour based items and foods that are ready made and contain preservatives and additives. It might be difficult to make your party food strictly gluten free, but looking at wholesome food choices including whole grains or seeds, meat and fish choices, vegetables and avoiding milk based items will help you plan a party accordingly. If you wish to get catering done on the function venues chapel street you would want to select a catering service that can make the above choices for their food ingredients and stick to gluten free method of preparation as well.

The various meal options

There are different ways wholesome food can be prepared, whether for a brunch, lunch or dinner. It is best to combine meat and fish or egg choices as the main food ingredients. In case people are vegetarian among the party guests, you would want to keep several whole vegetable dishes as well. When it comes to gluten free preparations, these dishes would be lightly tossed with herbs and healthy oils and not combined with heavy cream based sauces. These can be kept optional for those who can opt for milk or flour based accompaniments. Such menus would prove ideal for adult birthdays such as 40th birthday venues.

If you think there is too much planning that goes into gluten free preparations, simply turn to the experts. There are several catering services that specialize in wholesome food choices. You can get gluten free food items included in party menus by such caterers. As many people are going gluten free as a healthy lifestyle choice, many caterers include several gluten free preparations in party menu choices. When you have identified such a service in your area, it would be easier to get such a party arranged. As food is the primary aspect of any gathering, once this is arranged you can then look forward to having a great time at the event.

 Planning Party Food For Gluten Free People